30 May 2010

conclusion for 2 week holiday
photograph did drop down every moment ya?

cameron trip with collage friends

it's may
2nd sunday: happy mothers day
12th may: daddy, happy birthday
18th: brother, happy birthday

25th: mummy, happy 50th birthday
lucky we have nothing to do with labors day, wesak day and the rest birthday
omg, fathers day also coming soon

the gardens club?
the toilets are FUIYOH!!
is good to be rich..

this look nice but.. but.. but.. taste ewww..
anywhere, no good to tell you the shop name :x

this taste different from what we always feed to our self ^^
worth to try.. its delicious.. but where? well, the answer is on the tissue paper

hmm.. did i miss out anything? whatever la..
- the end -

27 May 2010

this is what i mean my brain is full of you

26 May 2010

what had i do lately? erm wasting time? i dont know this consider resting or suicide?

today i dream i born a baby.. lols.. it is as easy as shitting.. recently i really wish i have a baby.. haha.. but this shouldnt and wont happen so early.. wakey-wakey..

i did dream tsunami too!! its happen at my secondary school.. lols.. nonsense.. i shouldnt let this to bother me anymore.. i want to have a holiday on beach, with bikini if i keep fit success? lols? this is my dream since i was primary 6 :s ahem, wakey-wakey..

i am a girl who have lots of dream but 0 action.. terrible sia..

some people thought i am pro, but when i recall back what i have in my brain, i was like even worst then a kindergarten child.. they call this as not confidence but..

lols reading my blog will be a bit tough cause i was like jumping here and there talking different stuff in the same post, actually my brain even more messy, hopefully i wont insane in the future haha..

miss him like crazy

21 May 2010

going to cameron on this coming weekend, text me ok?
i am waiting

19 May 2010

thanks for updating me what you do recently :)

today i and my sister plan to watch kidnapper but bukit raja jasco dont have =.= so we decide to watch a nightmare on elm street, and WOW i love this movie haha.. compare the movie with me now, half of my holiday i use to sleep haha.. like i was afraid after school reopen have to burn midnight oil? lols..

the image i learn to edit like getting more and more ugly.. lols.. give up~ maybe photoshop want me to enjoy my holiday? yaye~

18 May 2010

here come a new one, this effect is super easy to edit, you can just finish it between 5 minutes =) you might found that among all the picture i edited, i am wearing a raincoat.. well, i am not promoting for it, this is because previously i was helping my friend to take a few shoots for her advertising design assignment so i just recycle those leave over pictures :P

this 2 nights i was watching 净空法师 talk, is time for peoples to change, i really afraid human being nowadays especially those videos my friends shared on facebook, those even dare to video the job they did, isit proud huh? i am really speechless, do believe in karma..

16 May 2010

time flies, today i was like doing nothing.. phew~

ohh, i and my sister went for a hair cut..
we choose for the rm25 stylish package..
ok, we wash and blow ours hair, add rm10..
to use a better shampoo and condition, add rm12 again..
they suggest us to try on a product, i forget what is it already, rm45 for a little small bottle only!! i rejected (my sister communication fail with them, so she use it..)

in the end, i did purchase a hair spray for rm28..

erm.. whats going here?! i and my sister thought each of us gonna spend for rm25 only??

but? i wasted rm75?! and she wasted rm92?!


15 May 2010

semester break for 2 week, i promise to input myself, well, my picture above is a prove of very first step, train my photoshop skills.. i am noob enough as now i recall back, i almost forget those step.. why should i always put double effort? and i am double lazy compare to the rest? sigh..

klang friends, forgive me for rotting in my house..

13 May 2010

yesterday noon back from broga hill.. during the climbing process, out of my 17 friends, i am the only one who need to rest, so embarrassing have to let xiao zhi carry my bag, i thought i was strong but after the trip i was like the weakness among all the girls, sigh~ well, i am well train city girl haha.. and dont plan for crystal hill pleaseeeee~

how could i forget my daddy's birthday on yesterday?

09 May 2010

i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you.. with lots of love to say, i love you, mummy

thanks for infinity sacrifice for tan's family, may you stay healthy and happy always, i promise i will minimum your worries towards me, lols, happy mother's day
if i got the power to influence him
unless he love me
i rather to be her
at least she own a memory together with him
he has his stand
but he cant stop me from loving him
you can laugh me for my craziness
but the fact will never change

07 May 2010

finally i see where is it, and i realize how important is she to him in the past

04 May 2010

extremely strong thunder this evening, even i close my room's balcony, my room's curtain, i still can see the lightning, and felt that the thunder was just on top of the roof. i am so scare, lying on my bed, start to think what if malaysia happen natural disaster, right now? i was praying in my heart but i cant concentrate. i have been living in this area for a year, we can felt the 'aftershock' (i dont know whether is word is mean to use like this or what? sorry for direct translate from chinese) every time our neighbor country earthquake. wandering this is good or bad?

oh ya, back to the exam for this morning -english mass communication- i am glad to receive tips from friends otherwise i think i gonna fail in every language subject.. language really kills me!! at least with the tips, it still possible to keep me in safety zone.. lols.. and thanks for the morning call

03 May 2010

A said:" text him every time you miss him."
i sent him a message
- no reply -

i asked:" am i annoying?"
B said:" if he mind you, he will come to you."

stop nonsense here, prepare for your exam tomorrow!!

01 May 2010

really piss off myself!! i clearly realize that i dont have enough knowledge but my laziness always stop me from achieving my goal.. diu!! sorry for being rude..

to.. either my brain or heart, i am here to WARN, dont you ever dare to waste even 1 second of your precious time in thinking nonsense again and AGAIN!! you think you are still young huh? got lots of time to day dream huh? open your eyes big big and look around!! compare yourself with others and see what you have for yourself!! damn!! always live in illusion!! when only you wanna grow? shouting all the problems out but without action taken? HA- HA- HA- idiot!! ARGHHHHH!! why must i born to be like this? i want to change!! I WANT TO CHANGE!!