26 September 2010

today is my 2nd outing with my boy if i am not mistaken? lols.. at 1st we plan to meet up my friends for a tea at sunway but she fall from bicycle on yesterday during cycling at bukit cahaya.. how careless of her.. and when she told me she got an accident in this morning, i thought she bang on a vehicle because the way she drive really WAOH!! when i meet up my boy, the way he dress really looks smart and this reflect that he cares for the meeting ^^

.. time flies..
.. not details provided haha..

here i back to my home and i am missing him again.. sigh

21 September 2010

today onward will be my holiday!! yesh!! this is what i waiting for.. this semester really tough and thanks to my best friend for scolding me not to drop some of the subject haha.. but seems like my gpa will drop as i summit-ed uncompleted assignments.. sigh.. anywhere, please dont fail me

but this holiday seems like i will be busy too, as my mum just operation, so i have to help around, my dad gave me a new task, the task is i have to prepare family dinner, and whats i will get as reply, i think is comments, no, should be commentsSSSSSSSSSS!! even when i sweep floor, i am not been qualify, what i can say is, different people have different way of working la :x

happy lantern day!! yesterday my friends organize bbq at her house, i do wish the time will stop there forever.. i do enjoy the gathering so much although i am damn tired, looking for more gathering on next semester ^^

pardon me for showing blurry image

11 September 2010

like such a long time dint talk to myself.. and this will be my 2nd post for today..

i know i am big enough, i should be mature, but i just cant, cause i am not!! i am lacking of family love!! haha? zzz.. i shouldn't talk much here about my unsatisfied but my hormone are really unbalance!! i miss home but i cant stay long.. i am jealous jealous and really JEALOUS :(
I am back!! did anyone miss me? lols.. maybe everyone start to forget for who i am? but never mind.. i am here for myself :)

In between the day i was disappear, i was busy about assignments.. its really sucks!! finally its end, and i am still alive.. nope nope.. we still dont know the result >< hope everything goes fine.. i really worry my digital imaging subject.. instead we have to summit 3 pieces artwork, but i just summit 2 and is on the 2nd day :x the rest of my assignments are in a mess too.. everyone start to show off theirs work on facebook and they really did a good job.. i am shame for my assignments..

There is also a little sweetness gift for me when i have been torture by assignments is from single, i have been update into a pair.. eh eh.. my sentence are weird haha.. anywhere, i dont care how other judge on us, since we decide together, we must work hard together to keep this relationship on.. i know that i am not perfect, but i am trying ^^