21 January 2010

i think i will stop blogger as i am afraid everyone know me too well

16 January 2010

to prevent me from rotting at home, i decide to painted my house's side gate.. although it seems like nothing for you, but it is really a difficult task to me.. especially when i painted behind of it.. i even climb and bend my body to neighbour's house.. i squat under a hot sun.. and i did use mirror to help as well.. so everything will be perfect.. erm.. one unperfect thing is i did not put newspaper under it.. so the paint just drip at everywhere.. isit this can consider as art? while, my dad answered, 'kanasai!' haha..

when i almost finish, my uncle do drop by for awhile.. he is a rude people.. but when he helped me to wipe away the paint on my hands i feel so warm as my dad never do this to me before.. for me.. i am the kind of dont dare to show out my real feeling.. but just hope he can feel how much i do appreciated =)

12 January 2010

come to muar must eat otak-otak..
but yer.. how come the camera just focus on ella?

here i am.. i have a 3 days trip to muar and melaka with my friends as all of us are having holiday.. i found that there is a gentleman hidden among all my friends.. as the person is willing to walk far to find back my cell phone when i notice it is gone.. exchange place for us when the lights make our eyes uncomfortable.. dont want us to suffer with him while his car broken down (please dont chase us away next time.. ops.. touch wood.. no more next time) bbq for us.. walk behind us although we are slow.. and bla bla bla.. but i really do appreciate everythings he done although i dint show..

back to my topic.. i cant belive that i just know them for half year cause i really have fun spending time with them although we dint really visit much place.. we sang and acting inside the
car.. joke and gossip around.. dancing for a dog and 3 children to watch.. haaa sounds stupid but for me this is really a good memory.. maybe i am nothing to them, but they are everything to me.. and yea.. i am looking forward to the next sem break ^^

FAKE windmiil at melaka

08 January 2010

every time i ask for it but ends up my dad will tell me that i am not effort able if i got a crash his car.. while this afternoon, my dad asked me to look after his car because the place is difficult to get a parking.. i prayed hardly.. i am in scare.. seriously i dont have confidence as i really dont know how to drive auto car!! actually i just use to drive 1 car.. and the car dont even have power staring.. sadly, god cant deliver my message.. i need to mention that i really dont know the horn is so sensitive.. so when i drive, i accidentally horn twice.. under my control.. the car was move.. STOP.. move.. STOP.. seriously, my legs are shaking too.. i am just like a girl without a driving license.. and i am alone.. lucky the lorry able to go through but the driver expression seems like really pissed off at me.. aiks.. what a bad day..

07 January 2010

another day had pass.. today i polished bodhisattva with my sister.. my sister really is my idol.. she is hercules.. HAAA.. she able to carry those HEAVY bodhisattva and she polished more, clean and faster then me.. but we just manage to polished some of the part until its BLINK cause it is really difficult and the time are not allow us to do so.. haaa alrite i think i should stop here and thanks for reading it ^^

06 January 2010

yea here is it.. louder your volume and do enjoy it ^^
wednesday, is our movie time =) yeah.. everyone will got a discount for the ticket they purchase.. that's why my dad was willing to took us for a movie.. i bet that you already know what i watched as i had uploaded the poster here..

glad that my dad spend me for watching this movie otherwise i will be missing it cause the advertisement in television failed persuade me to watch it.. i dont know how to describe but i just like the feel it gave to me.. especially its background music.. later i will TRY to upload my favorite part in this movie cause seriously i still not really use to blogger..

i gave my blogger link to 2 of my friend for now only.. actually i am worry if someday i dint realize and post something harmful so before i share my link to all my friends, i have to practice watching every single of my word to avoid problems to happen.

well, its really difficult for me to start my first blog here due to my language problem.. anywhere hai.. i had move out my first step..

hmm i think i should write about my daily life? like this will be more easy for me.. i guess..

today i feel disappointed when i try to apply a korea government scholarship and i am not qualify for it. . one of the rules is you need to gain at least 3.2 cgpa.. sadly, i just got 3.09 cgpa during my diploma education.. i dont know whether i should still give a try on it or just accept the fact? sigh..

alright, i think i should stop here from making more mistake.. good night..