30 April 2010

the picture above is BIG and SCARY neh? haha.. lets just imagine if one day i am bareheaded? HAHAHAHA..

well, finally i drive back home today.. my mum actually dont allow me to do this but i dont like to depends on people as we have to watch theirs face.. mama, dont worry.. i am 22 this year.. is old enough to be independence.. lols..

dad, please dont eat so fast.. i am so tension, swallowing my food!!
finally, we had settle down all the assignments, lets say YEAH here if you are reading my blog.. lols.. but yea, we lost our study leave.. whatever.. cause i definitely will waste it too..

today someone praised that i am beautiful.. is good to heard that.. thanks.. i know you meant it.. LOLS LOLS LOLS.. thanks once again.. cause you added confidence to me.. hardly peoples say this to me, if they did, seriously i also wont believe.. thats why i am actually do appreciate when you say this to me you are actually handsome too!! HAHAHAHA!!

you you you.. please dont flirting around ='(

20 April 2010




19 April 2010!/photo.php?pid=4345074&id=234494945177
i am so dizzy right now.. feel like crying.. i cant do well for the magazine cover page design competition and a mountain of assignments are waving hand with me.. honestly, i aspect very high, thats why i choose to take part in this competition but, now.. i am not satisfied with my own work, i cant imagine how others judge on it ='( well, i have to continue touching up my work now.. wish me luck..

17 April 2010

bad luck, stay away from me!! today i went to genting for assignment, use around 2 hours to the 3rd bus station only got a little bit 'earlier' bus for us, auntie visit earlier and i was wearing a white pants =.=!! stomach and headache, no seat for the bus, meet a stranger with lots of suspicion, and thanks god that i am still here, posting my blog T.T

feel like asking his help at the moment, but who am i to him? and i was afraid i got disappointing answer once again, so, better keep myself far away from his life T.T

16 April 2010

this is not the first time i been treated like this.. when i wish there is someone for me, the answer is always a no.. i always try to fulfill everyone's needs, but ends up? thanks for giving a good excuse to never treat you guys good in the future!! dont you ever try to remind me that i had changed, cause i am clearly know!! piss off!!
my boom?
i do wish is mine but i have to face the reality..

15 April 2010

♥ ~see ah song so man also follow our cute pose, so cute sia~ ♥

these few day is thailand songkran festival!! we have a little game among my friends.. after i enter UTAR, i try to organize every event although it is not in our culture because i realize few years later when everyone of us enter to society, we rarely or even dont have this chance, maybe we are busy? try to act mature? or dont have this chance to gather again? i really do appreciate to have you guys around to create a wonderful memory for me, and i hope for you guys too ^^

14 April 2010

4am right now.. i dont know why should i wasted my time and rush assignments like hell in the next day? i clearly know what i am doing now, definite going to cause me no money, no future, NOTHING!! hmm.. perhaps some sickness?

my friend is working hard for his new relationship, if he really take it serious, may god bless them ^^

humans need love, so i am..

sounds like talking to myself all the time, but yea, i feel great~
such a long time i did not update my blog and i guess no one will mind it..

what have i done recently? well, nothing special.. i just a normal girl, live like nobody business~

ahem.. forgotten i have to be positive minded..

ohh~ i am so pretty.. so smart.. wuishhh!!

oh ya, these few days i tend to keep fit but ends up now i eat even more and MORE until my stomach going to burst and i felt so satisfied.. whats wrong with me again? sigh~

my urge of hugging you like getting stronger.. but i dont think the day will arrive because in my love history, who i love, their heart never belongs to me.. thats why i always lost confident, cupid, please shoot his butt so he will in love with meeeee~