29 March 2010

nowadays getting easier to be emo..
wandering whats wrong with me?
i was thinking..
will one day i insane?
and draw a full stop for my life?
of course, i dont want this to happen on me..
can i just stop emo-ing?
can i have a positive thinking?
can i?

27 March 2010

i am not missing you!!
and i just lied

15 March 2010

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01 March 2010

this is the picture for my packaging design assignment summited on this afternoon.. i thought i got lots of time to prepare it but in the end still rush like hell.. lucky i still able to make it.. one of my friend said this is a lame design.. well, alright, i will accept his comment.. i wandering to see his design in the future.. god bless~ and a little warning, dont anyhow take my things especially when i was in a hurry and i need it as well.. you will never know when is the volcano going to burst!!