28 February 2010

tada~ here are some photo to share, so people who reading my blog wont feel bored.. how kind of me HAHA..

as you can see from the picture, we are having our 'lao shang' on 25th february night.. ella, this 'lao shang' you bought not nice la.. so we just happened to played on it and in the end we treat it to mr table..

after finish our 'lao shang', we went to kbox to celebrate friend's birthday.. well, these bananas wasn't his cake.. it is just part of our planing, designed by shin.. actually these bananas already smell because of keeping them too long inside the car.. poor king kong tasted it.. but hope that he do have fun with us..

boy, you got your freedom blessing from everyone especially your parents, so use it wisely ya? happy birthday

19 February 2010

here are some pictures related to my daily life as i lazy to write more..

as you can see.. i had highlighted my hair..

went to visit 'dong chan shi' with my sister's friend..

visited new build temple while finish praying my grandparents.. this interior is cool.. floor = table + cupboard..

and a mountain of cloths is waiting for me to fold!! i got to go!! bye!!

15 February 2010

did anyone have idea for calling BAK GUA in english? well, as we know, this is not a healthy food, that's why mummy strictly don't allow anyone of us to eat it..

well, recently my dad bought it for us without mummy knowledge.. so we have to hide and eat it secretly.. it is so tiring!!

just now i caught my brother for eating it and i have to stop mummy for entering his room!! *sigh* why must we live in this way?

14 February 2010

seriously i miss those day when grandparents are still alive.. without them, no more gathering for relatives.. this is the worst chinese new year i ever had in my life.. some more it's come together with valentine's day.. feel even more lonely..

i've been feeling so alone.. i keep waiting for you but you never come..

12 February 2010

just a little share about what had happen to me last midnight.. i forget to turn off my car's light and after we finish our midnight movie at 1utama, i bet that you guys clearly know what is going on with my car.. at this time, i clearly scan through everyone especially for the guy..

ahem.. back to the topic.. dont know why this time unable to charge my car battery from my friend's car, so we have to try the other way to start the engine by pushing it.. as you can see from the video.. it is easy for you yea? but things doesn't as easy as what you watch because this is just a part from the process.. i can see they are sweat.. try to work together with their very best.. i really cant imagine what will happen to me without them..

thank you.. i say it from bottom of my heart..

06 February 2010

although today is saturday, but we have to attend japanese class replacement so we can have more holiday for this coming chinese new year.. i wandering why sir will never miss out me to speak in every class? isit my expression always in blur condition? yes, i am.. glad that my friends will always there to help me.. aiks, i have to put more effort on it compare to the rest..

in the evening, i went to learn swimming from my friend.. for the first lesson, i think she will be a good trainer.. today is also first time for me to swim under the rain.. lucky the thunder dint stroke on us or else i wont be here to blogger anymore haha..

i am so tired everyday but i have to force myself to stay awake.. 24 hours are not longer enough for me.. for others people opinion, i might spend too much time on unnecessary stuff but i just dont want to live like a robot or a book worm.. seem like have to burn midnight oil again =(

05 February 2010

if i dont have a car, will you still like to hang out with me?
BOO!! here i am again!! haaa sorry for my willful for a period ^^ well, few days ago i wanted to blogger but i was too busy and tired with my school stuff.. same as today.. sun gonna raise soon and i still awaking..

please allow me to vent at here.. AHHHHHHHHHH!! i am so stress.. seriously i cant follow my japanese class =( i blame sir for not lecture us nicely but i clearly know that this is my
problem.. what happen to my brain? *sigh* some more, i have to digest a mountain of assignments.. dear utar, please give us some space to breath especially for my course before i and my friends collapse.. haha?

alright, i better rest now as i have to attend my class at 9am later.. good night and good morning~