11 June 2010

school reopen for 2nd week, i was like running out of time, you can say that i wasted too much time on unnecessary stuff or our uni is trying to make sure all of us who talking this subject to die!! whatever, every friday night will be my little private spare time for myself to express my feeling here before i turns mad.. to me, blogger still have a limitation on expressing our true feeling as we have to take care for everyone's feeling as well.. we cant be too selfish.. well, it is like a feeling bin to me too, this is to make sure that i am able live harmony with those aliens surrounding me.. so, just pardon me :)

well, today i got emo suddenly and i dont know what is the reason, i just emo.. ROAWRRR!! isit influence by assignment have to redo? period? not enough sleep? or the girl? hey girl, sorry for boycotting you with lame reasons.. err, i promise i will change my attitude.. and sorry buibui for beating you.. fail to teach you is my fault..

well, i shall stop writing at here for the reason of i dont want to make all my dear readers tired reading such a long bullshit.. i am kind ya? haha

09 June 2010

buibui, my 1st pet

02 June 2010

once, i trust love
or maybe he wasnt the right one?