10 October 2010

thank you for everyone showering me with lots of wishes in my facebook, i think along my 22 year gonna be really HAPPY as happy cannot be separate with birthday :P sounds lame zzz lols..

what sad is i mess my dear plan.. hais.. lets skip this.. but really appreciate for the cupcake he make for me.. xoxo

in between i did meet up my friends for lunch and here is the picture for memory.. see the scenery was like at other country, for this four season restaurant, this scenery is their advantage but interior design just so so and what weird is through camera they actually looks great!! this is the power of photography?

leave 1 week of holiday.. oh gosh.. i was like doing nothing at all.. always like this.. have to do whatever i need to in between this week

lastly, happy 10.10.10

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