21 October 2010

I wanted to blogger few days ago but internet sever was down, dont know whats wrong with it, treat us like we never pay the bill zz..

Class started on monday, but mood still holiday-ing..
today i attend our very first tutorial class, assignments are waving with us and i pretend i dint see them :x what is time base media? hmm? is to watch movie!! wee~ so after class we went midvally for movie, at first we plan to watch detective dee but the timing was not right so we anyhow watch reign of assassin and i think this movie worth for our money.. seriously through the poster and actors i dont feel like watching this movie but after i watch today i totally in love with it but i dont think michelle is too old to match jung woo-sung :x about the story, you have to check it out by yourself :P

Guard is peeking me!! i wish is i think too much..

Pj is no longer safe!! my friend's house been burn and the fire almost kill them!! isit something wrong with the bad guy mental? i heard this is not the first house been burn.. police please do something!!

Recently i eat like hungry ghost.. maybe during holiday got too much limited from mummy? i am not only fatter now, i also ends up i shitting blood just now :'(